The first meeting of the year was held at the Headquarters in St Georges Anglican Church.

January is a month when new Beavers are allowed to join the colony, and when the old ones move to Cubs. This time we had 2 Beavers that moved to Cubs after doing a lot of activities and hard work that made them to get the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award, the highest a Beaver can get.



Once the ceremony was over, every section followed their leaders to carry out different activities.



The Beavers divided into Lodges for the first time since 1st Madrid began over 4 years ago. We now have a Blue Lodge and a Green Lodge.


After playing a few games with the parachute (including the “mushroom” game where we made the parachute look like a mushroom and all hid underneath it) we split into Lodges to carry out two workshops.


In one workshop we learnt Morse Code and in the other we learnt about Health & Fitness. We had a lot of fun writing our names in Morse Code as well as deciphering messages.


In the Health & Fitness workshop we learnt how to feel for our pulse and take our heart beats before and after doing exercise.


We learnt a lot about healthy food.

and to set an example, everybody brought a healthy snack they ate during the little break.


At the end of the meeting our Beaver Leader checked that we had all learned a telephone number off by heart so that we could complete the Communicator activity badge.

The meeting ended with a “grand howl” with all the Beavers and Cubs together.

We had a lot of fun and the time flew by!



 First of all we played a game of “Sheep” where everybody had to copy  a lead Cub and one person had to guess which Cub they were following to get everyone warmed up.
Next we learnt the Cub promise in different languages (Portuguese, German and Italian). We also learnt a little bit about these countries. This was done for the Global Challenge Badge.
We did an environmental quiz, and discussed things that could be recycled or reused.
We learnt some songs (Fee Fo, A Cow Kicked Nelly in the Belly in the Barn, The Quartermaster´s song  and  Boom Chick a Boom).
Finally we played some more games (“Hug It” and “Cat and Mouse”) and then talked about things to do for the Personal Challenge badge (cooking a meal, tidying up, etc …)



Scouts visited the Naval Museum to see  the temporary exhibition “El Galeon de Manila” and to see lots of  mockups of all kinds of naval ships, even a huge aircraft carrier.

They  could also see  “LA ESCALERA MONUMENTAL DEL CUARTEL GENERAL DE LA ARMADA” that it is only open to the general public at the weekends and bank holidays.


After the visit, they were at the stairs with a short photo session of the group before they began to talk about all the activities they had to do to get the Meteorologist Badge.