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British Scouting Overseas

Find us at St Georges School

1st Madrid British Scouting Overseas aim is to allow a continuity in Scouting for British expatriates or children of British parents, creating a transition to a new culture in a supportive environment. We are also able to take children who have one British or Commonwealth Parent. 

Spanish children will be welcomed instead by the ASDE 

British Scouting Overseas exists alongside ASDE the Spanish Scout Association as a complementary association and is not meant to provide an alternative to Local Scouting. 

We are an entirely volunteer organisation, so if there is anything you can do to join in practically and share your skills from work or hobbies, we would really appreciate it.

We meet twice a month on Saturday usually for 3 hours or longer depending on the activity. Please visit our calendar  for information on our next meeting.


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Interested in our sister group?

You can find them at “1ST MAJADAHONDA BRITISH SCOUTS!”

Thank you to our host location St. Georges School where we typically meet.