Back in September, watching the Afghan society fall apart and the desperate scenes at the
airport, we wondered how could we, sitting here in Madrid, be of any help at all. Hearing that
the military airport at Torrejon would be an international hub for refugees we had a hope that
we could do something practical, like collect clothes or food, but having done the rounds
calling up aid agencies, we were told that they had all been moved on within a week.

Talking to ACNUR-UNHCR (United Nations Commissoner for Refugees) we were told that what
they really needed was funds to provide practical help to families caught up for an unspecified
time in refugee camps, most likely in Pakistan, with the prospect of facing a very cold winter
At the same time one of our aims for Autumn term at 1 st Madrid Scouts was to take our young
people to the theatre, as some had never been before. We had already spoken to Face2Face
during Summer to find out what their programme would be, but at that time, with the
situation around Covid-19 they did not have a confirmed venue. Knowing that St George
School, our Scout base, had a theatre, together we decided to launch a show that would help
raise money for ACNUR-UNHCR. Paolo Abbate from Face2Face was already a regular donor to
the charity and happy to give his support.
Over summer St George school had completely refurbished the theatre and were delighted to
be part of a Christmas Carol. Due to the restrictions dictated by the Comunidad de Madrid
there is a limit on how many tickets can be sold within a school environment, so Giles Montier
the school head, took the generous decision to waive any fee to allow Face2Face enough
income to pay the actors and still provide a donation to eACNUR-UNCHR.
Two afternoon performances at 17.00 will be available 10 and 11 December. We will be singing
some Christmas Carols together before the show and will encourage the audience to join in.
The older sections of our group, Explorers and Scouts will be volunteering at the performances
acting as ushers and selling drinks to raise extra money, so please bring some change to
donate and remember- tickets are limited. The true spirit of Christmas is charity and as
Ebaneezer Scrooge found out, brings warmth and joy to us all.

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