After a long summer break, the Scouts returned to their activities at St. George´s International School, welcoming new members and meeting some new leaders and assistants.


In September, on our first Scout meeting after the long summer break, the CUBs were busy!

We kicked off reviewing the Cub Code of Conduct, the we crouched in a circle for the Grand Howl, with all the Cubs promising “We will do our best!”

The Grand Howl

Then it was time to learn all about water. We played a fun trivia game where Cubs had to guess if a water fact was true or false. We learned that the world is 70% covered in water and that our brains are mostly water too!

Then, the Cubs created aqueducts with plastic bottles cut in half. Only by working in teams could they channel all the water from the top to the bottom. Next, we got competitive, in a relay race to fill up our buckets with water-filled sponges! When the water ran out, the clever Cubs soaked up the rain puddles from the floor!

Finally, after so much excitement, we sat in a quiet circle and played a name game—it was a great way to relax and get to know the brand new Cubs!


For Scouts, the subject of the day was FOOD!!

Where does our food come from? What are the ingredients in our favourite food? 

Scouts chose their favourite food and grouped together with those of similar taste, pizza lovers, ice cream, pasta and those who loved the less obvious food such as sushi, soup, noodles or seafood. 

They then discussed where the ingredients came from and the steps to get it to the table.  One spokesperson explained their, often comic, findings to everyone else. 

Next, we went outside for a relay race in teams.  One person had to run to the end, pick up an orange, balance it under their chin, wheelbarrow their team mate to the half way point where another team member “packaged” the food (wrapped in toilet paper) and a quick wheelbarrow to the shop, and next team members took over. A fun way to illustrate how much energy it takes to get food to the shops. 

Next challenge was a quiz on “how many litres does it take to produce food” Did you know it takes 160 litres to produce a loaf of bread? @17500 litres to produce a kilo of beef?  27 litres for a cup of coffee? 

Each right answer took the team higher up the climbing frame, with the first team to the top winning.