A new meeting at the Anglican Church where we could see new members on all the packs. The troop is growing!!


Without Tom, our Beavers Scout Leader, Kate was in charge of the youngest pack with Sophia and Katharine as asssistants.

Learning about Safety Road, they were willing to walk on the streets to practive what they learnt: STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK.

Beavers walking on the Street

After the walk and the healthy snack, they learnt a lot of things about photography and cameras, and how to take some good pictures.

Finally we had a ceremony where a Beaver moved to the Cubs.


  • CUBS

Ian and Richard and their Cubs tried to build some cars out of plastic bottles. But it took longer than expected to build the motor and make them move. For sure at the next meeting!!

Cubs building cars



Also without Alan, the Scout leader, Dominique was in charge of running the activity with the every month larger pack.

Scouts activities