Scouts February activity

  • Leadership/ team building 

Leaders were deeply impressed with the answers Scouts came up with. One team started talking about the European Union being a team and how Greece was letting the Union down by not repaying their debts and therefore weren’t good team players. This team put as an example of a bad team is when someone doesn’t fulfil their side of the bargain. The other team came up with more examples. Fascinating!!


Scouts_paper      Scouts2


  • Science

Scouts did an experiment with 9v batteries and water and did manage to separate the hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The Scouts loved it! The science experiment was a success.



  • Camp preparation 

Scouts did an excellent job finding the route from Moncloa to the campsite. One of our Scouts took the prize for showing most initiative however: He found the website, looked at the information page, picked up the phone and spoke to them to get clear instructions. What a trooper!


Scouts_computer       Scouts_Camp