As we were announcing during last month, 1st Madrid British Scouts organized the first fundraising event at his headquarters  (Saint George’s Church).

Thanks to “The 2016 Bazaar Planning Team” made up by Candy, Natasha and Rebecca, it was a successful event and the results obtained superseded the initial projected goal.

Congratulations to everyone involved and special thanks to the Leaders and the Bazaar Planning Team, also to the Explorers and Scouts that were fabulous at cheerfully selling all the baked goods; the Cubs, that were great at managing the toy table, and the Beavers that were effective at shaking the lose change from people’s pockets to fill the “tip” cans (fund for tents, flashlights and first aid kit!).

Regarding the raffle drawing, many prize winners were present at the drawing and were able to collect their prize. The list of winners and the prizes to be collected can be check here as well as the instructions to follow to collect  the prize.