The last meeting of the year was very exciting because we had the draw of the 3 winning ticket numbers. The fundraising committee collected all the stubs sold by all the troop and put them into a box, so at the end of the meeting some of the young scouts would pick up the 3 winning tickets.


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Beavers began by making Christmas crackers which they loved doing, even though we weren’t able to source any of the “snap” sticks to make them truly authentic. Some of the Beavers explained to our Spanish members what crackers are and when we use them because they are not part of the Spanish Christmas culture. This helped them all work towards the World Challenge badge: Foreign Activity.
The next activity was to sing Christmas carols. Beaver Leader Dominique explained that carols are sung prayers and we discussed the unusual words such as “ye” and “thee” and “thou”. One Beaver was struck by the sentence “Word of the Father now in flesh appearing” and another meantioned she had heard about that in catequesis. This activity counted towards the World Challenge badge: Worship and the Faith Activity badge: tell a story.
Our main activity was to complete the Digital Citizen stage 1 badge. This was done by having the children use their IT skills to open documents (Advent calendar doors) on the projected screen; by having them create a Powerpoint document and by having them save it to a pendrive.
 At the end of the meeting we joined the rest of the troop for the Christmas raffle and one of our Beavers was chosen to pick a winning stub out of the box.
Merry Christmas everyone!




Cubs spent Saturday building, singing and getting into the Christmas Spirit!

They started the day breaking up into sixes to build a marble run out of cardboard, tubing and plastic bottles and a whole lot of tape!  There was a contest to see whose marbles would defy gravity to run the slowest!


Then, after a snack and some Christmas carols, the Cubs made a Christmas candle holder by creating holiday scenes and pasting them into a jar with glitter. They turned out beautiful!

From the Cubs to you: Happy Holidays!



The meeting started with the identification of planets for the Astronautics badge. The scouts then wrote letters in English to a class of school children in Holland, and then translated them into Spanish. By doing this they earned credits towards the ‘Digital Citizen 1’ staged badge, and the ‘Communicator’ badge.

After this, they started work towards ‘Digital Maker 1’ by identifying the parts of a computer. We then worked in groups to design and develop computer games. Each group presented their game to the troup, and a vote was held to decide the winner. Ironically, the winner was ‘Last’, a survival game. The presentations also went towards the ‘Personal’ challenge badge. At the end of the activities, the scouts were then presented with ‘Digital Citizen 1’ badges, as well as other individual awards.

Merry Christmas  and Happy New Year 2018!!