The meeting began with a special ceremony to provide two of our leaders with their Wood Beads. These beads are given to leaders who have completed the Adult Training Scheme organized by the Scouts Association to ensure good quality and safe Scouting in the UK and overseas.


The Beavers and Cubs spent the first half of the meeting learning first aid in small workshops which included learning how to look for hazards when dealing with an emergency situation, learning how to protect ourselves as well as others, learning about burns and learning how to put on a bandage. 

After snacks the Beavers learned all about bicycle maintenance and road safety for cyclists. They learnt how to adjust their helmets. We did an experiment where we dropped a melon wearing a helmet from the top of a step ladder down onto the ground and saw that it didn’t break. We then dropped a melon without a helmet on and it smashed in half. This activity showed the Beavers the vital importance of wearing a helmet when cycling.

We then had a second snack eating the melons!

Another important element of road safety is being visible. We turned off the lights to see how reflective and florescent clothing work and one of the Beavers dressed as a fireman to show how important it is to wear visible clothing when in a dangerous situation.

Some Beavers brought posters promoting healthy eating and fitness, to complete the Health & Fitness Activity badge. We talked about the benefits of following a healthy diet and doing sports.



As we couldn’t go cycling as planned due to the bad weather, we instead enjoyed ourselves learning about first aid along with the Beavers.

Afterwards the Cubs told each other about the meals they had cooked during the month and how they had kept their rooms tidy, put plates in the dishwasher and cleaned their teeth twice a day.

We also played a game of hunt the penny.

Finally we worked on a code of conduct to ensure that the cubs work well together.


 After the Wood Beads ceremony, we  also had a short ceremony where we welcomed a new member to the group.

For the first part of the meeting, the scouts split into teams for a quiz on the knowledge covered during their recent activities towards their astronomy and meteorology badges.

Then the whole section had a forum on first aid, discussing some theoretical scenarios, with some basic role plays.

They were then able to put their skills into practice on ‘little Anne’, a resuscitation doll, and each other by applying bandages and slings.