The last activity in the season, before the summer break was held at Retiro Park, where we set about having  fun despite the scorching sun.


June’s Beavers meeting began earlier for the Bronze Chief Scouts who spent the morning helping at St George’s summer bazaar handing out flyers to passers-by.  
They also interviewed Father Paul from the parish as part of the World Challenge badge.
The rest of the Beavers arrived at 15:30h and we began by preparing sandwiches to take on our urban walk. We learned why it was important to wash our hands before handling food and why people with allergies had to make their sandwiches with different ingredients and on a separate plate. 
We split into 2 lodges to go on the urban hike with a different route.
The aim of challenge was seeing which lodge arrived at the meeting point first.
Blue lodge in action:
Green lodge in action:
And the winner is  … The green lodge !!!
After the urban hike we ate our sandwiches in the shade at Retiro Park and waited for parents to arrive for the AGM. We had a prize giving with  our District Commissioner. Prizes were given to the Blue Lodge for having gained the most points over the year. We were all given medals for participation.




The cubs had an interesting challenge to perform.

With balloons and some sticks and yarn, split into 3 groups (Electric Dragons, Fire Dragons and Ice Dragons), they had to blow up some balloons, tied them up around some sticks and finally add a water balloon in the center.

The challenge was that throwing up all the balloons, the water balloon should “survive” the landing.

And only one of the groups made it, so we had a fair winner.

Congratulation Ice Dragons!!

But everybody got a prize and had some fun while the parents attended the AGM.