This month the meeting was held in Los Molinos, a little village close to the Guadarrama mountains. Nice surrounding to go for a hike and a nice house where Beavers could have an Easter egg hunt.


This month the Beavers had a very busy meeting! We started by going over the Beavers Code of Conduct and discussing how we should behave when we are with the Scouts.
Then we separated into lodges to do two workshops. One workshop was about how to deal with minor bleeding and burns. The other workshop was about Membership and we remembered the Scout sign, the Scout motto, the Beaver promise and how we can be good Scouts in our every day life.
After the workshops we gathered some wood for the log burning fire and cooked marshmallows over a flame.
They were very yummy!!!
After our snacks we learnt about the cardinal points on a compass and did an Easter egg hunt searching for eggs in the North, South, East and West of the garden.
We each took an egg home to decorate and we sent photos of our painted eggs to the leaders after the meeting.
At the end of the meeting we sang happy birthday to two Beavers and gave them the bumps. After that we had a Promise ceremony for three new Beavers.
Welcome to our Colony!

The Cubs went for a hike in Los Molinos. On the way we did a nature trail, looking for animals, birds, plants and trees.

After a little break for having a snack and playing some games, we did some geocaching, looking for objects that the Explorers had left behind.

The Firedragons were the six of the month.




They met John, a new Scout leader that joined the group for the first time.

They did some navigation exercises with the help of a compass. They did a long walk until they reached a hermitage about 4 kms away.

Some of them, did the trail on their mountain bikes.


After that, some scouts took the opportunity to complete the astronomy and meteorology badges, showing to the group the  tasks related to the observations they did at home. The tasks were:

Astronomer: Observe three constellations and record what you saw

Meteorology: Keep a daily record of main weather conditions for at least two weeks.