After a long summer break, the Scouts returned to their activities at Parque Europa, where the different sections talked about the plans for this new season, and then, did some different kinds of activities.

Finally, they celebrated a closing ceremony with  some children moving up between the sections and welcoming some new assistant leaders.


The Beavers began the meeting by spending Time on Water and learning how to row for the Paddle Sports badge. They had great fun and most of them remained dry despite provocation!

After rowing we had a snack and sat in the shade to do a workshop on water safety. Then it was time for our first log chew of the year. We asked the three Bronze Chief Scouts questions about the community work they had carried out as part of the World Challenge badge as well as questions about their experiences in Beavers. All three said that their favourite activity was going on camp! They also all really enjoyed doing outdoor activities with us.

With our energy levels revived we went to the laser quest laberynth and had a lot of fun playing this wide game in teams.

By the end of the day we were ready for the moving up ceremony and Bronze Chief Scouts certificate presentations before saying goodbye and looking forward to next month’s JOTI meeting with the new members who are joining our lodges in October.



Cubs started off doing a tree to tree adventure. It finished off with a rope slide down to the bottom.

Next, they played laser quest. After lots of running around the maze and shooting ach other, the blue team was the winner.

After a snack, the Cubs decided to do a roly-poly down the hill. Some complained that their tummies hurt afterwards.


They played a game to remember everybody’s name after the summer.  This included the new leaders Ballo and Shere Kahn.

They also spoke about the next challenge badge that they are doing: the personal challenge badge.

Finally Cubs welcomed seven new members from Beavers into the pack. Who all joined in the grand howl.




Explorers discussed the challenges they would like to work towards this season under the supervisión of the Group Scout Leader.


Finally, they went for a ride on the long zip line of the park “flying” over the lake.