This month Beavers and Cubs enjoyed a sunny day at “Parque de la Cuña Verde” in Moratalaz, whilst the  Scouts and Explorers enjoyed an exciting  climbing activity at “Madrid Vertical”  surrounded by Barcelona F.C. supporters that came to watch the “Copa del Rey” final at the Wanda Stadium against Sevilla F.C.


This month the Beavers went riding their bikes in a park.
They rode their bikes when on a straight path or going downhill, and were on foot pushing their bikes when going up steep roads.

We divided into two groups, according to each Beaver’s bike riding skills. While one group was riding, the other group was learning how to fix and perform maintenance on their bikes.


The more proficient cyclists were able to go further in the park, where we spotted a gymnastics area. We took the the opportunity to stop a little while and practice a bit of outdoor gymnastics too.



Beavers earner cycling skills showed incredible courage, going up and down over dirt paths with potholes and bumps. They have done really well, despite the paths not being specially designed for stabilizer wheels.

After both groups had carried out both activities (riding the bike and maintenance), we enjoyed our (much desired) snack on a bench.

After the snack we played different versions of the game “Steal the Beacon” (English version of “El pañuelo”).


Cubs began the activity welcoming 2 new members with a short  swear in ceremony.
After that, they got ready with their compasses to find 3 objects had been hidden in the park previously.
Next, an interesting introduction to electric cars and how they work. Fortunately they could see one with their own eyes.
After a brief snack, they planted some seeds on a plastic cup full of soil.

Finally, it was time to have some fun playing Cops and Robbers.



Both sections met at “Madrid Vertical” for a climbing experience. After the instructors explained the safety rules to follow, they played a couple of games to warm up. Then we splitted into two groups: one went uptairs to the “cave”  and tried to climb onto the ceiling, and the other stayed downstairs to climb to the top with harnessess and gear.