Once again, the meeting was held at the headquarters located at the LETS offices. Although some of them went outside for some of the activities

At February’s meeting we learnt how to take pictures. We did some activities to learn about the rule of thirds and also about framing pictures.
We went outside to take photos, following the instructions regarding the concepts that have been explained. Here are examples of some of the photos we took, including photos which had as many straight lines in them as posible.
In addition, we played a couple of games (Ping Pong ball race and Merdor and Pom Pom).
To end the session we did a quick activity to refresh our memory of the scout promise prior to beavers making the promise during the closing ceremony.
Assistant Beaver Leader Manu taught us a new version of the Beaver song to end the meeting with, which we liked very much!.
The explorers have been organizing games with the Cubs.


Afterwards, we have been breaking codes to discover hidden secret messages.


And finally, we designed and made our own masks for carnaval.