The first meeting of 2018 was held at the Headquarters located at the LETS offices.



This month we said goodbye to two Beavers who moved up to Cubs at the beginning of the meeting. We also welcomed two new members who joined us for the first time.

The theme of this month’s meeting was Membership. We learnt all about the Promise, the uniform, our badges and the history of Scouting.

We played a memory game and a team game in lodges.


We finished with a log chew where we discussed all the activities we can do in Beavers and gave ideas for the following meetings.



Today we started off by a welcoming new members from Beavers, and saying goodbye to the old couple who have now going up to Scouts.

Next, we started working on the Science Badge. In sixes they made balances to learn about fulcrums and trying to find different balancing points.

Then, Cubs played a memory game, where they had five minutes to look at 20 items, and also in sixes, they had to try to remember all of them.

They all had a really good time!!



We welcomed our new recruits introducing each of ourselves to each  other. An interesting point was how multinational the group was and how many children’s origins were from more tham two or three countries from greece to Russia.

Concerning the activities we started with the astronautics badge , which we have been pursuing for more than a year now. We saw how a concave miror concentrates electromagnetic rays and explains the workings of antenna.

We then worked on our communicator badge where we had to describe in writing and then orally to the rest of the troup how to do something – it went from how to make creps or boil patatoes to how not to be abducted by aliens and how to ride a horse. As you probably guess we had a good time.

Then we played a number of games including hide and seek which all the troup enjoyed.

Finally with the new recruits we reviewed the state of the three patrols in order to decide on them for next meeting.