After several meetings indoors, finally we held the March activity outdoors at a donkey sanctuary.


We spent the afternoon learning about all the animals that live at the sanctuary, not only the donkeys. We learnt lots of facts and saw lots of animals.

During snack time our leaders asked us questions about what we had been told and asked us to list the animals that we had seen.

Here are our answers:

  1. Cows eat plants
  2. Pigs eat everything
  3. Donkeys live between 30-40 years
  4. The animal is called a mule when the mother is a horse
  5. Donkeys are clever
  6. African cows have big horns
  7. There are 4 breeds of donkey
  8. When the mother is a donkey its called a burdegano (hinny)
  9. Horses defend themselves well with their feet
  10. horses eat vegetables
  11. You can tell a donkey’s age by its teeth, when they are under 12 years old they only have their front teeth
  12. The chickens without a tail lay blue eggs
  13. Donkeys can find their way home
  14. Donkeys don’t have fleas
  15. Donkeys kick
  16. Pets are for life
  17. The male birds are more colourful to attract females
  18. Donkeys eat everything
  19. The female ducks have brown feathers as camouflage because they spend a lot of time sitting down on eggs
  20. The mare has longer hair than a horse
  21. The cow’s name is Africa
  22. Arthur the pig came to live at Burrolandia after his owner’s boyfriend said to her either the pig must go or he will go
  23. Horse babies are bigger than donkey babies
  24. Donkeys are cleverer than horses

These are the animals we saw:

  • Goats
  • Rooster
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Pig
  • Ducks
  • Chickens
  • Cow
  • Horses
  • Turtle
  • Donkey
  • Peacock
  • Goose
  • Deer
  •  Worm

After snack time we went to collect eggs at the hen-house and to hold the newly-hatched chicks in the coop.


It was a truly wonderful afternoon!!


Although rain was threatened, finally we had reasonable weather at Burrolandia. After being dropped off by our parents, who braved the very bumpy track, got to meet lots of different animals. A very friendly puppy, an over-sized pot bellied pig, an African Cow with huge horns, chickens, goats, mules, horses and of course lots of donkeys.


The guide told us about how all of the animals had arrived at Burrolandia. Some were unwanted pets and others were animals that had been mistreated.
After the snack, we worked in our sixes to prepare a poster explaining what we had learnt and we presented them to the rest of the group.