The April meeting was back at St George’s school for all sections and was all about getting ready for camp next month.


This time Felix and Olivia were away so we had Leandra and David helping out. David was an expert during our first game of balloon tennis finding us a spot to shelter behind as the wind proved to be a bit too strong.

After the start it was time to get serious and pitch a tent for what was most people’s first time. Between us all we soon had it up (if not a bit humped over to one side) and barring hurricane force winds I expect it would be habitable for about twenty minutes.

Once inside it was time to have a practice in sleeping bags, knowing what to do if you get too hot in the night (poke your arms out so the sleeping bag is around your middle), or too cold (make sure your mat is underneath you properly, go all the way in the sleeping bag with the hood around your head and all shuffle together).

Somehow everyone managed not to spontaneously combust inside their sleeping bags on a sunny Spanish afternoon as we practiced what to do if you are cold and it was onto snacks.

In the second half of the meeting we focused more on the emotional side of being away from home for the first time, talking about supporting each other, sticking together and the importance of joining in with the activities on camp.

Finally there was time for a couple more games, where Catherine showed us Invisible Dragons which was then adapted by the colony to become Invisible Dragons that turn into Zombies and Chase Everyone. Typical beaver spontaneity.

At the end we invested Theo, Ewan, Mafalda, Maria, Ari and Lucas to the Colony – welcome aboard!