This month both Scouts and Explores enjoyed a wonderful day in Cotos, enjoying the snow. The little ones, Beavers and Cubs, met up  at the Headquarters located at the St George’s School.



February’s meeting was back at St Georges school and we were lucky because it was a lovely sunny day. This meant that we were able to move on from the library to a new room with a door going straight outside to play on the grass.

At the opening ceremony we invested Lucia and both Sams into beavers after they have spent time on their Worldwide Membership Badge over the previous months – welcome to the worldwide family of scouts!

The meeting began with a new and improved version of the Beavers song now that the wonders of YouTube have allowed us to pin down some new actions and funny faces to make during the song, in the end it was so awesome we sang it twice.

At the beginning of the meeting we had Vlad from scouts come along and help us out with the first game before we began. Then it was time to get on with the International badge we were working on during this meeting. We spent the beginning sharing facts about a different country that everyone had found out about before the meeting, learning how to say hello and looking at what the flag was like. This led into our next game which was a relay race where those whose turn it was had to pick a flag and tell us a fact before running back to their teams.


Then there was time for some quick knot practise led by Gary where we focused on the reef knot and shoelaces.

At break time everyone had brought a snack to share from the country they had found out about. In the end we had a feast of banana splits, dim sum, cheese and tomatoes on sticks, macaroons, fortune cookies, coronation chicken, fajitas, and chocolate salami among others. Big thanks to everyone for all the effort you put in, everyone had an interesting snack to share.


After the snack it was time for Olivia’s International musical statues game where the girls proved to be the best dancers, stealing the show to the sounds of some variable quality international pop hits from the past 30 years.


We spent the rest of the afternoon back with Gary hearing about scouting values and Bear Grylls before Sammy taught us all the crocodile game which we played outside and was enjoyed by everyone. A good addition to the collection of games the Beavers have brought to the group by themselves along with the Piranha game from Miguel.

Finally, there was time for a long chew where we spoke about our next meeting that will (probably) be in the park, more details to follow. Also well done to Lucia who was awarded ‘Beaver of the Month’ for looking after Sarah when she fell and banged her knee, and those that were awarded their Teamwork challenge awards.

Thanks to all who attended, looking forward to next time!



The meeting started with an inspection of badges and uniforms. We checked badges and their location and uniform neatness. We spoke about the importance of attending meetings and doing the activities to earn badges.


Then, we played various games, one of their favorites which we have repeated since camp is “Captain’s Coming” which combines physical exertion with acute attention to the leaders commands.

For this meeting, we continued with the theme of lashings; we learned to do square lashings to create a structure.

We started by making a lasso and a frame.


After recharging with a healthy snack we created a structure from the different parts that each team made.


Then we played catch the frame with our scaffold knot. True cowboys and cowgirls trying to catch the frame.


Time was up, we gave rewards to cowgirls and cowboys, gave badges for past activities and finished the meeting.