The first meeting of 2019 was held at the Headquarters located at the St George’s School.


We started the meeting introducing the new members, followed by a game to help to remember each other’s name, after all we are a pack of 24 cubs!

Then, we learned about the pulse, the ways we can measure it and how exercise can affect its rate. Pulse was measured before and after physical activity and we all noticed how exercise significantly increases our rate.


Afterwards we spoke about creating a Code of Conduct for the troop. We initially introduced the idea and spoke about how to create one together. We divided into sixes to bring forth proposals. Then, as a group we discussed all the ideas. Some proposals were: having fun, being loyal, being honest, caring for each other, etc.  We came up with a preliminary version which we want to develop further in future meetings.

A quick snack and we played a “fishing” game using round lashings.  First, we practiced round lashings with two sticks in order to make a fishing pole. We started with a brief explanation


and, in no time, the Cubs were right on it. 


Once the pole was strong enough, we had to use a different lashing to make a slip knot:


Then, we were ready to catch those “bottle fish”.

Victory! The fish was caught while having great fun and creating bonds that only fisherCubs can understand.



1st Madrid Scouts 1

We started with welcoming the scouts back from Christmas Holidays, we also had a welcome ceremony for the new and the ones moving up to Scouts 1. All the Scouts participated and welcomed all the new ones in to the group. We also congratulated the ones who moved up to Scouts 2.


After ceremonies and welcoming everyone we went to our room and played some games to remember and learn each other’s names. We also got to know each other a bit better and learn from each other what interests we have in common. So we spent some time talking and finding out more about interests, music tastes and why we love Scouting so much.


After we had learned everything we could about each other and started to know each other better the two Patrols were established, The Wolfs and Golden Eagle. Of course we also had a snack break after all this. And the snack today was the best hot chocolate and churros they have ever had, prepared by the leaders.


After snack it was time to talk about some serious things in preparation for the next meeting in the snow up in the cold mountains. We had a presentation and talked about what is important to think about when you are out in cold weather. How to dress for different weather conditions. The scouts had the opportunity to test different types of clothes and get a feel of different types of materials. 


And some easy tips and tricks on how to stay dry and avoid getting cold. Particularly popular was the hat with a built in beard.