This month all the sections enjoyed a sunny and warm day at Parque Juan Carlos I to perform different kinds of activities.


At the end of October, Beavers were at Parque Juan Carlos I for a day of navigating and other activities. 

We split into lodges and embarked on our navigating journeys. Both teams were given a map and a compass, and told to find their way to a key landmark in the Park (a big red circle sculpture). One of the lodges thought they would be clever and just go as the crow flies, without even looking at the map, until they realised that there was a river in between them and their destination! 

After successfully making it to the sculpture and posing for victorious pictures, we then decided to head to the park’s hedge maze. The Beavers then raced to the centre, before stopping for a well-deserved snack break.

Following Lucas’s suggestion, we then played a few rounds of Pac-Man – who knew 7 year olds still know what Pacman is?! After Pacman, we opted for a few games of tails using our neckers.

Once everyone was tired of running around, we then moved onto our kite-making activity. Both lodges were given a kite to colour in and decorate, and then the kids took turns trying to make the kites fly. Unfortunately, it was a particularly non-windy day, and the kites didn’t get very high, no matter how fast the Beavers ran. One of the kites didn’t last particularly long after being dragged along the ground by some overly keen Beavers! 

We then ended the day with some team games run by Felix, including running races, just to make sure the kids were really tired out!