On Saturday morning and afternoon we visited a nearby farm, where we learn about animals and did various activities related to riding and understanding horses.

In the afternoon we roasted marshmallows to make S’mores and in the evening we roasted hotdogs by the bonfire.

On Sunday morning we hiked a nearby mountain and ended up above the clouds!

It was a nice camp with great weather for February.


At the accommodation arrival we warmed up walking along the path and upstairs to leave our rucksacks in the rooms.

First thing for Saturday morning was meeting up and welcomed Marcelo, the young leader from 1st Majadahonda. He would spend the weekend with the Explorers.

We had delicious pancakes for breakfast while we planned the first activity. The explorers were in charge of checking up the topographic map of the area and choose a route for the hike. Once chosen we handed out the map to the youngest explorers to lead our way.

We got lost in several paths among hundreds of high bushes, which made the place like a big maze. After 2 hours walking along its narrow paths and across the high bushes we got out of the maze and found an open space clear enough to locate our position. We identified the mountains around us in the map and we used triangulation to find ourselves. We found out that our location was around only 200m north of the starting point.

We took our time as well to learn how to orientate ourselves with the sun. It is quite useful in case you do not have a compass.

Second part of the activity (and a part of survival skills) was to find in our way a place to learn how to make ourselves a harness with a rope (Swiss Seat) and rappel down with an eight.

The explorers were secured with a second rope, in case someone could have lost control during the rappel.

After having our lunch we came back to the accommodation, where we learnt how to climb up a rope, using a Machard knot, and a Prusik knot. These type of knots get blocked in the rope when pulled, but run easily along the rope when gently push with the hand.

Again, even the Machard and Prusik knots are safe, they were secured with a second rope to double their security.

At sunrise, we gathered around the fire to have some smores with the rest of the group and later on we cook ourselves some sausages for dinner (hotdogs).

The explorers woke up early on Sunday morning to help preparing breakfast for everyone.

After breakfast we headed to the farm to have our horse riding lesson.

Once back in the accommodation we split in two groups. The first group went and helped in the kitchen again, while the other repeated the rope climbing activity one more time.