As the rest of the sections were at the Camp, Beavers had St George’s School to themselves during the February meeting. It was such a beautiful day we decided to have our session outdoors. We had two new Beavers join us today, Leo and Vera, while Alvaro and Joseph came along to their second meeting. 

            After introductions and the Beavers song, we played a quick game of Crocodiles and then a very competitive game of Dodgeball – starting off with one ball, the match became much more difficult when two basketballs and three tennis balls were added into the mix! 

            As part of the skills badge, we then had small presentations from Sam Scott and Sam Kotara. We heard about how Spanish Scouts began from Sam Scott, including how they were banned by Franco in 1940. Sam Kotara then told us about the Boy Scouts of America, how they are organised into Bobcats, Tigers, Wolves and Bears. Sam also showed us his brother’s uniform and achievement belt.

            Ana then taught us a new game, which involved the Beavers splitting into two teams with the task of defending their bench from the other team. We then learnt a Chinese game from James, which involved the Beavers joining onto each other in a long chain, forming a dragon – the head of the dragon then had to catch its tail!

            We then went over the Beaver promise with Felix, playing a fun game which involved dividing the promise into four key parts. Each section was put on a basketball hoop and the Beavers had to run as fast as they could to each part when it was called out, with the slowest person being put out. It was a tough one at the end, we eventually had to declare a draw between four or five of the kids! 

            After all that running about, it was time to learn the Green Cross Code, and then practise crossing the road safely in the school car park. We then played a few final games and it was time to head home.