Beavers had a fun start to the year with a meeting at St George’s School. We had some new Beavers,and a new Leader, Ana, so started off with introductions and of course, the Beaver Song. During the meeting, we learnt some new things about how to look after our bodies. 

Felix taught the Beavers how to make sure they were cleaning their teeth properly, and some of the braver kids even chewed a special tablet which highlights plaque that was missed during brushing – there were some very fuchsia pink mouths! We then went outside to play a game where some Beavers had to catch the ‘germs’ (other Beavers) lurking in our circle.

Before snack time, we had a chat about ‘good and bad food’. After asking everyone their favourite food, most of which would fall into the ‘bad’ category, we then discussed what makes a food better than others, including vitamins and healthy fat. Olivia explained to the Beavers that we can still eat ‘bad food’ like chocolate and crisps, but it’s important to only do so every once in a while.         

We then learnt from James about how long the blood vessels in our body would be if we were able to stretch out our veins and arteries. After estimating how far they would go using a piece of red wool, we were all shocked to discover they would actually be long enough to go round the Earth not once, but twice! 

Rounding off our first meeting of 2020, we had our newer Beavers make their promises. Oscar, Sara, Malcolm and Olivia were all welcomed into the Madrid Scouting family! 


Cubs were working on the Marble Run Pioneering Challenge

We challenged the Cubs to build a cardboard structure to hold a long length of tubes that a marble can roll down. Sixes had to compete against each other by seeing which one can make the run that takes the marble the longest to reach the floor.