The last meeting of the year was very exciting as it began  with a big ceremony to welcome  new members in all the sections.



Up to nine new Beavers made their Promise.

The new Beavers were given their neckers, their books and their Membership badges.

They are now fully-fledged members of the Colony. Congratulations!!


Also some new Cubs and Scouts were sworn in as well.


Some  Leaders had the privilege of moving up members of their own family!.


The Group Scout Leader gave the neckers to the new Scouts.


Once the ceremony was over,  each section went to differents rooms to do the activities planned by their leaders.



After the 9 new Beavers made their Promise, our Beaver Leader explained which Lodge each one would be joining. Then we split into three groups to learn parts of the Twelve Days of Christmas carol which we performed at the end of the meeting.

When we had finished learning the carol, we took it in turns to make and receive phonecalls from Beavers in different parts of the academy to prove that we knew how to use a telephone.

Afterwards we continued working towards the Communication and Digital Citizen badges by learning how to log onto an e-mail account using a password and how to write, send  and receive an e-mail message.

Finally we finished the meeting by drawing Christmas trees and singing the Twelve Days of Christmas. 






Cubs celebrated #Cubs100 by looking at Cub Scout law and working towards the Global Challenge badge.



This month Scouts separated into two groups rather than into patrols. When one group did activities related to badges that had been begun at November’s camp, the other group went to St George’s Anglican church to help with their annual Christmas fair. 

Halfway through the meeting the groups changed over.