The first meeting of the year was held at the Headquarters in St Georges Anglican Church.


They started the meeting working out how to draw a perfect circle using chalk and string.

Then Carlota gave a wonderful presentation to all of them.


After Carlota’s speech, a Little break to recover the energy.


After snacks, we learnt how to light a match and a candle. Dominique, their leader, was too busy making sure that activity was safe to take photos.

After that, they learnt about flag ceremonies with the Cubs.

They learnt how to stand at ease, how to stand to attention, how to salute a flag, what out flag means and how to fold it at the end of a meeting:

Then, we put on practice the theory with some new beavers swearing in.

Alan, the Scout leader ran the ceremony:


Finally, playing some games:



They did some experiments with electronic gadgets to earn the Electronics Badge:


And finally, also a ceremony to give them the badges they had earnt with their hard work: