We started the meeting with a ceremony to swear in a new Beaver and to give the Bronze Scout award to one Beaver who had achieved it throughout her time in the lodge.

The Beavers worked towards the International Activity badge which included drawing flags, finding out some facts about different countries, learning some greetings in various languages and trying five different types of Indian food. We had a lot of fun eating “monster yoghurt” and “big crisps”. 

We also held a log chew in which we discussed what we had done over the past year and which activities the children would like to do next year. Not surprisingly, the Beavers want to do more meetings that involve animals, especially horses. They also want to do more camps.
2016_JUN_Beavers (1)
We’ll see what we can do!

Meanwhile, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers when for a long walk where they could enjoy a nice view of Madrid and its skayline with the huge 4 towers.
First, the filled up their bottles and canteens for the long walk


Then, the trekking begins with high spirits and full of energy

Until they reached the viewpoint

And finally, enjoying the deserved rest on the shade

2016_JUN_Scouts (29)


You may have a look at this video to see the intinerary

Happy summer holidays!!