March meeting was held once more at Retiro Park  where our troop enjoyed a wonderful sunny and warm afternoon.

We missed some scouts that flyed to Bristol the day before with their leader Alan, and Diana as assistant.

You can see more about Bristol trip here


After singing the Beaver Song  hand in hand, they started with some games. They played “Cat and Mouse” , where every Beaver was a Cat and “Snake Tag” until all the beavers became a sole snake.

Then, it was time to sing again.

They sang “My hat it has three corners”. First with all the words until they leanrt it by heart. And then they changed the words into actions to make it more difficult but more fun.

Then they learnt a new song in French as objective for the international badge. Firstly in English (Brother John) and then in French (Frère Jacques).

After recovering their energies, the hard work began.

Beavers showed their inventions that had drawn and they explained how they worked.

Also Chris, the Beaver leader, asked them about their chores at home (alarm clock, make beds, tidy up rooms) and finally about the addresses where they live and the phone numbers of their parents with a small talk about why it is important to know these.

Finally, changing the subject, Chris explained the challenges that the Beavers must undertake in order to get the Space badge. They talk about the planets in our Solar System and also about the “Curiosity” and “Cassini” space missions, as well as the constellations.


Finally some more games until time is up.

Beavers had really good time!!



The scouts that did not go to Bristol met up at the Retiro Park as well,  with Richard taking overthe meeting as the Scout  Leader was in Bristol.

Both Cubs and Scouts learnt how to raise the flag and how to lower it.

Then, they split the groups with Richard and Findlay as supervisors.

The scouts downloaded the App “My GPS Coordinates” to get the current coordinates of their position and they had to follow the application to reach, by foot, the position determined by some target coordinates, that Richard gave them.

All of them made it.

They all are real SCOUTS!!!