Beavers enjoyed their first ever two-night tent experience at the Bohoyo camp this May 2019. After a bus journey fuelled by biscuits, I Spy and Disney songs, the Beavers were excited to arrive at the campsite and discover their accommodation.



Being the youngest has its perks, as the boys and girls were split into two of 1st Madrid’s shiniest and newest tents!


After some swift unpacking (dumping bags in a tent) and a general information session from our leader James, also camp coordinator, we were then treated to a delicious dinner by the campsite owners. The Beavers then learned the first lesson of camping: washing your own dishes! Ably assisted by leader Felix and Olivia – on hand to check the dishes were actually clean – all of the kids managed to return a spotless set of cutlery and dishes to the dining hall.


While the older members of 1st Madrid were tired after dinner and decided to go straight for pyjamas and tents, the Beavers were too full of beans and so played a game in the camp site. Felix hid in the dark site, armed with a whistle which he would blow at regular intervals, while the Beavers and leaders had to use their torches and listening skills to track him down. This proved harder than expected, as Felix sneakily used the surrounding mountains to his advantage and placed himself in the bottom half of the camp, where the whistling sound bounced off the mountains and appeared to be coming from the other side of the site. After eventually finding Felix, it was time for bed. The young do certainly have stamina, with both the boys and girls laughing and chatting late into the night.

We were up bright and early the next morning for a delicious breakfast of pancakes and bacon – you’d be surprised just how many pancakes a Beaver can eat in one sitting!


It was then time for the Opening Ceremony of camp, with added excitement for the Beavers: Emma and newest leader Olivia both made their promises, which means that all Beavers and Leaders in the current group are officially invested members of 1st Madrid Scouts.


It was then time to prepare for our nature walk: snacks, water bottles and coats were all crammed into bags, and we were off! During the walk, the Beavers had some experiences: we had to move quietly past a cow and a horse (James made friends with the latter animal by offering it carrots) and had to travel one by one with Felix and a good old walking stick to cross a muddy river! All Beavers behaved impeccably and no-one was lost to any animals or mucky water. We then enjoyed a well-deserved snack and played a quick game of ‘Sharks’ before heading back to camp.


Then came the fun part: making our own bacon/cheese sandwiches. Under close supervision, each Beaver was able to make a sandwich of their choosing on the hot plate, which some interesting mixes of sauces to top them off.

Then it was time for some rest and a game or two before heading down to the river. Highlights of this trip included paddling in the icy water, sunbathing on the rocks and stick races.



Back to camp for a quick snack before we got to preparing our display for the traditional Scout show. After a delicious dinner of hamburgers prepared for us by Scouts, it was time for the show to begin! The brave Beavers opened the show with a rousing rendition of ‘The Ants Go Marching’, with background accompaniment from Gary and Olivia. The kids then thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the show, which involved skits and songs, as well as the campfire songs before bed.

On the second night, the sleepy Beavers were much less chatty – wonder why?! Sunday morning brought a yummy meal of breakfast burritos and the last washing of dishes. Then came the dreaded tent clean-up: it’s amazing how much mess Beavers can create in a tent in just two nights! After helping each other to find their things, stuff sleeping bags into covers and look for litter, it looked like there had never been a bunch of Beavers in Bohoyo.


The kids then played a game with Gary and Olivia, learning about the changes which have taken place in Scouting since it was founded. We enjoyed one last campsite lunch and then it was time for the Closing Ceremony. As a group, everyone considered what they thought of the experience: Beavers’ word of the camp was ‘Fun’, so it must have been good! Theo, one of our newest Beavers and first-time camper, was awarded with the Beaver of the Month woggle for being our Camp Champ, a fantastic achievement.



After a lengthy journey home, Beavers (and Leaders!) were delighted to see their mummies and daddies at St George’s School – while a more tired and grubbier group than that which left on Friday, there’s no doubt that the Beavers had a great time at the May 2019 camp!