Sometimes negative preconceptions can take hold of our grown up minds, but the Cubs demonstrated by example how their self-sufficiency and motivation can overcome every obstacle. Yes, it was cold when we arrived and Cubs had to cook, clean and wash the dishes. Were they up to the challenge?

We filled up tents to the maximum capacity to ensure body heat would create a warm shelter inside the tents.  Perhaps the pictures transmit some of the inner and outer warmth that were felt.


Although we were supposed to wake up at 8:00, sun´s rays woke all of us around 7:00. We marveled at the beauty of our surroundings and felt grateful for the sunrise and the magnificent weather we were having. After so little sleep one would expect grumpy faces but this is what we found:


After breakfast we started our hiking activity. An area expert and firefighter by profession led us into the woods and explained the local plants and bugs. Stones were climbed, challenges were surpassed, and areas were explored while gaining an understanding of the local flora and fauna. We were delighted when some Cubs decided on their own to pick up trash and leave the place “better than we found it”. We stopped at a stream and our guide taught us about animal footprints, then we played a game of searching and identifying them.

After a snack and a little rest we learned the art of archery. A professional archer taught us the skills and mindset of the sport in order to hit the target. Once we learned the basics we were divided into teams and played against each other. We all had a great time and recognized that we hit the target of having fun while enjoying each other’s company. 



Then, lunch, free play, several games of capture the flag, studies of local bugs and show preparation.


Cooking, dinner, and dish washing; our cubs showed that if we allow them, they can be completely self-reliant.


During the show Cubs performed dances, martial arts skills and various sketches which were enjoyed and cheered by the audience. Tired after the show, sleep soon set in.

Next morning we cleaned up the site and packed away all the tents.


Lastly, we took a hike to the river and enjoyed the last hours of a memorable weekend. Thank you kids for teaching us that with motivation, enthusiasm and self-reliance we can overcome any adversity.


Thank you, thank you!