Just three hours drive from Madrid is the village of Bohoyo at the foothills of the Gredos mountains. An all section camp, volunteer leaders had gone on ahead to pitch tents of the younger sections but Scouts 1 and 2 were just in time to prove that they were capable of putting up their own tents.

The campsite was brilliantly chosen, with stunning views and great facilities, so it was not a case of roughing it for scouts. Dinner was made in advance by the owners and all were happy to get to sleep pretty soon after.



It was cold and crisp in the morning as the altitude contrasted with a beautifully sunny start to Scouts 2 hike. Each Scout was given the opportunity, with or without help, to navigate point to point on the 18 km round hike. There were challenging moments for some, due to levels of fitness and the steepness of the mountain, but Scouts also needed to learn to be aware of their team, to encourage and assist in turn, anyone who needed help. Mostly we enjoyed the fantastic views, spring flowers, gurgling streams, meeting only a few people on horseback and a couple of hikers during the entire 6 hours it took to reach base camp. As well as navigation, the Scouts did a blind listening exercise to increase observation skills, hearing woodpeckers in the woods, birds, insects, streams and traffic in the village below. The idea was to use observational skills to assist orientation by remembering visual and auditory clues.

That evening the Scouts, after a short rest, put their circus skills to the test by devising a show for the rest of the camp. With a display of acrobatics, diavolo and juggling the Scouts definitely showed a great improvement in skills and teamwork.



The next day Scouts 2 were lucky enough to receive First Aid training from a retired army nurse and guest Scout leader, recapping on first response for burns, choking, administering basic resuscitation and efficiently calling the emergency services.


Some of the best time’s for Scouts was the free time they had mucking about in the river, wide games and making new friends.

See you all at Winter Camp!