Scouts One arrived at the campsite in beautiful Bohoyo on Friday evening – after a briefing about the site and safety, the Scouts put their tent pitching skills into practice and worked together to get the tents up before sunset; working in teams the task was completed in no time!



An early start on Saturday saw the Scouts prepare their own breakfast; by popular demand, pancakes and bacon were on the menu to set them up for the day ahead, and the formal opening ceremony took place with the Gredos in the background, a sign of things to come.



Next up was some Archery – after receiving instructions on the activity, safety and rules, a good natured and closely fought competition ensued. Bullseyes were scored, and a couple of arrows were lost..No goats were harmed during the activity.


Most of Saturday was spent on a 10 km hike through the Gredos. This allowed the Scouts to use and develop their map reading skills that we’d worked on at the previous meeting, as well as learn about the Flora and Fauna of the area, from our guide. We found several insects, learned about local plants, spotted a red kite, and the Scouts were able to follow the route that we had planned.

As if that wasn’t enough activity for one day, Scouts One were also tasked with choosing a menu, making the ingredients list, preparing and serving the evening meal for the whole troop on Saturday night! (with assistance from Camp Catering Guru Becky) People will be talking about the beefburgers, salad and rice crispy chocolate desserts for a long time.

Fed and watered, there was still time for more fun; the Camp Show! Each section prepared some entertainment, the Scouts devised and performed a couple of highly amusing skits, and then we all joined in with a sing-a-long to some classic Scout grooves.



Another chilly night was endured and the well-rested Scouts broke camp, packed away equipment and said goodbye to Bohoyo, and, homeward bound, the exertions of the past 2 days finally caught up with us all.