Once again, the whole group went for a wonderful summer camp close to the Atazar Dam as previous years. But this time, they set the tents at “El Picachuelo” camping site, where they coud do some water sports besides some nice hikes.

Here you can see all the fun they had.


This year’s camp was all about Navigation. We brought our compasses along and had a wonderful hike following instructions using cardinal points and local landmarks.

We split into four teams: one team took only 23 minutes to complete the task whilst two teams took 42minutes and 43minutes. The fourth team got lost and had to be rescued!

After lunch we made our own fishing nets out of old tights, coathangers, masking tape and clips. We took them down to the lakeside beach where we did some pond dipping.  A couple of the Beavers caught fish! Several caught bugs and some of them same a water snake.

In the evening we prepared the props for the show and learnt the actions for the song “We’re going on a bear hunt!”.

After dinner we retired to our cabins to get a nice long night’s sleep after such a fun filled day.

The next morning we ate breakfast with the rest of the sections and then we gathered with the troop to do the show.

It was great fun!



When cubs arrived Friday evening they set up their own tents and enjoyed some great grilled sausages thanks to our cooks!

On Saturday Morning after a healthy breakfast there was a tent inspection to see that the tents were tidy and clean.  Then they went kayaking which was lots of fun as they enjoyed some fun games thanks to the instructors.  After the picnic on the beach the cubs went for a hike.  On the hike they had to draw things that they saw in nature and would later show and explain what they drew.  After a bit of well deserved ¨relaxation time¨ the cubs got together to practise songs and skits for the show.

On Sunday Morning the cubs performed in the show and assisted in taking down their tents and packed up all their belongings.

A Great Time was had by all!


On arrival Scouts were challenged to all put up their own tents which took slightly longer than expected but a good learning experience for all. Explorers lent a hand! .
Scouts were asked to provide feedback on the camp. The highlight of the camp was undoubtedly the kayaking (including picnic on the “beach”). The weather was fantastic and the Explorers, Scouts and Cubs loved having the chance to all have fun together on the water.
One successful camp! Roll-on 2018



Mealtimes were a huge success on camp this year. Thanks to Natasha and Giles´ fantastic catering, the Scouts enjoyed  healthy and delicious meals (burgers, salads, fruit, yogurts and even ice lollies!). All Scouts cleaned their dishes afterwards of course!