2016-2017 will be full of adventures and new activities:

2016-2017 ACTIVITIES

What path will you take?

The Path

The Path is not always clear,
It’s not always easy.
There will be obstacles,
You will walk in the shadows as well as the light.
Achievement isn’t gifted to you,
It’s not something in your DNA.
You earn it through dedication and determination,
Through your own endurance and will to succeed.
Piece by piece, step by step,
No challenge is too great.
How far can you see?
How far can you go?
Stand up,
Step forward.
Seek out your ambition and pursue it without fear.
You are not alone,
You will meet others along the way,
Together you will not falter.
Look to your future,
Build upon your past,
From deepest river to mountain top,
You determine your Path.