We started by setting up the tents. While the more experienced leaders and scouts set up tents in a few minutes some of us took more than an hour, technical difficulties. There was some frustration but our never-give-up attitude brought about the most beautiful tent arrangement on the campsite (in our opinion). Afterwards the kids played freely until lunch time. Throughout the camp we realized how happy they were to play freely under the supervision of, but without the directions of, an adult.  


Then we went on a short hike to Amazonia where leaders and children challenged our vertigos. We stayed there for three hours which for many of the Cubs was not enough! They pleaded “one more time, one more time”.  


Back to the camp for dinner and then we lit the fire. In the show by the fire the Cubs told jokes, presented riddles and sang. Although we were all tired and various leaders thought they would fall asleep right away, somehow they had energy to speak and whisper well into the night! They were too tired to change to their pajamas and brush their teeth yet they had energy to share stories in their tent…some mysteries are not meant to be solved…


Waking up was hard and more than one would have preferred to rest a few extra hours…. including the leaders. Nevertheless, once they were fully dressed (well, most slept with their clothes on) they were playing and running in full force.  Later, another small hike to a monastery where a very wise old man explained to us the lives of the monks who had made this monastery their home for centuries.  The children were interested and asked various questions. We were delighted to have such a culturally-oriented group.


We explored in small groups the concept of “Gratefulness”. What are we grateful for? We heard all types of beautiful responses, from the physical (having hands), to the heartfelt (friendship and family) including the universal (the planet we live in).

Lunch at the camp and then it started to rain. Who has not put his tongue out to taste the rain? After a few shouts we got them all inside the campsite cafeteria and lo and behold we even watched England come back against Croatia (football). Lastly we did the closing ceremony and got on the coach; we were exhausted, wet, dirty and smelly but with a smile as wide as the world.